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Consultancy and Advisory

We bring knowledge and innovation to the maritime industry. With guidance in project management, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance, our skilled team offers solutions customized to your unique needs. Navigate the challenges and optimize your operations for success in the ever-evolving marine landscape.

Strategic Consultancy

Get industry expertise, strategic advice, market analysis, and feasibility studies for informed decision-making in maritime ventures. We help identify trends, opportunities, and risks, ensuring clients stay ahead for optimal outcomes in the dynamic marine landscape.

Technical Consulting

We offer IMCA-accredited FMEA audits, incident analysis, proving trials for DP systems, and vessel modification and reactivation guidance. Our services aim to evaluate, manage risks and find root causes of accidents, ensure precise vessel positioning, and enhance safety, reliability, and compliance with regulations in the maritime industry.


Our experienced consultants enhance operational efficiency, optimize costs, and drive business growth. We offer bank consultancy services for independent financing, debt negotiation, asset valuation, and long-term growth planning. These comprehensive solutions will help you achieve your maritime goals efficiently and effectively.


Our Consultancy and Advisory solution provides expertise and guidance for success in the maritime industry. With strategic advice, market analysis, and feasibility studies, we make informed decision-making. Our services encompass vessel modification and reactivation to ensure compliance, financing, and long-term growth. Trust our comprehensive solution to achieve your maritime objectives with confidence.

Hoger Offshore and Marine is a global leader in ship management and marine services, renowned for our commitment to environmental preservation and exceptional value.

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